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Landice-Leigh Anderson ([personal profile] landiceleigh) wrote2017-05-31 03:52 pm
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  hello! i'm here from the old days of livejournal. feel sort of as though i'm in a time machine, as it were. 

anyway, i have recently revived my livejournal and decided to jump onto here as well. feel free to add me! going to post an excerpt from my lj intro below. 

"i recently decided to dust off this old account after i've recently revived my love for fanfiction (especially harry potter femslash) at the ripe old age of 24 and have returned to livejournal to read/write/write about fandom and fandom works! i might use this for other things as well (remains to be seen) but if i've added you or you've seen me around, i'd love to be friends! just send me a message or add me and i'm 99% likely to add you back, especially if we have things in common!"

find me elsewhere!

i'm tallulahdarling on lj, matriarchs on ao3, manicfemme on 8tracks & instagram. i have several tumblrs (which i use rarely) but the most active are astralmermaids, mirrens, and rat-femme. i'm matriarchs on ao3.